Warranty & Shipping & Return Policy and Advanced RMA


Warranty & Conditions/Returns Policy


Sonar Safety Systems, Inc. makes the following limited warranty, which is effective at the time of the original end-user purchase.

NOTE: Optional warranty products and service protection plans are available for all SSSI products and may be purchased at the time of the original end-user purchase or any time during the original Limited 1-Year New Product Warranty period. (CS-712  3 Years Warranty)

SSSI warrants its products against defects in materials for a period of 1 year after the date of purchase. During this period, SSSI will repair or replace a defective product or part without charge to the customer. The customer must send the defective product or part to SSSI or an authorized SSSI dealer. The customer must pay for all transportation and insurance charges for sending the unit to be repaired. SSSI’s total liability is limited to the original product cost.

Customer’s Responsibility

The above warranty is subject to the following conditions: 

Customer must notify SSSI within 15 days of discovering the defective product or part and provide a description of the defect and complete information about the manner of its discovery.

All warranty servicing of this product must be performed by SSSI or an authorized servicing agent.

Warranty extends only to defects in materials as limited above. Warranty does not extend to any product or part that has been lost or discarded by the customer; to damage to products or parts caused by misuse, accident, improper installation, improper maintenance, or use in violation of instructions furnished with the product; to units that have been altered or modified without authorization of SSSI; to damage to products or parts thereof that have had the serial number removed, altered, defaced, or rendered illegible; or to any failure of the product to function caused by burglary, fire, flood, war, riot, civil commotion, Acts of God, or any other condition beyond the control of SSSI.


Obtaining Warranty Service

To obtain warranty service, the customer must contact the SSSI to report a defective product (the customer must report the model number and invoice number, or serial number if available.). SSSI will assist in troubleshooting the problem and, if necessary, issue a return material authorization (RMA) number. The customer must include this number on the outside of each package shipped to SSSI. If the product was returned due to malfunction, SSSI will test said defective product to determine the cause of its malfunction. If the item is deemed in complete working order, the customer will have 2 options

·          Customer may be shipped the product back and pay the original invoice.


·          Customer may request the return be processed in which case they will incur a re-stocking fee.

If the product is found to be defective, the customer will receive a full refund or a new product.

If the customer requires a replacement be shipped in advance of SSSI receiving and testing the item, the customer will be required to sign and abide by SSSI’s ADVANCE REPLACEMENT POLICY.

Restocking Fee

Restocking fee (Hindsight System: 25% / Camera System: 25%) is charged for the return of each non-defective item. The system must be returned in its entirety. Incomplete returns will not be accepted. All returned products must be in new and acceptable condition for stock and resale.

Waiving the re-stocking fee will require the customer to notify SSSI and ordering replacement parts within 15 business days of receipt of their order.


IMPORTANT: Packing and Shipping Instructions

When a product requires service, only the affected component must be returned. The customer must use proper packing material to ensure against damage during shipping. Any shipping damage caused by improper packing is not covered under this warranty. In addition, the customer must include a return material authorization (RMA) number on the outside of each package shipped to SSSI and a letter explaining the defect with the product.



Optional warranty products or service protection plans are available for all SSSI products and may be purchased at the time of the original end-user purchase or any time during the original 1-Year New Product Warranty period.


Please note that all SSSI policies are performed with its customer’s needs and requirements in mind!



Return Policy

This Return Policy is a legal, binding agreement between “Sonar Safety Systems” (Manufacturer/Vendor) and the “Customer”


Sonar Safety Systems warrants the goods and equipment sold to be free from original defects in design, material and workmanship for

12 months from the date of purchase. Any defective product will be replaced by Sonar Safety Systems at no charge to the Customer.

Sonar Safety Systems also claims full responsibility for incorrectly shipped items. However, it is the Customer’s responsibility to

review and inspect all goods received in a timely manner to check for any errors in the shipment. Customer has THIRTY (30) days

from the invoice date to make a claim. Incorrectly shipped products can be returned to Sonar Safety Systems at no cost to the


Some products can be returned with a 25% restocking fee and subject to the following conditions. Parts can only be returned if they

were purchased in the original invoice as a part. Complete systems may be returned only as complete systems. Items in these

categories must be returned within THIRTY (30) days of their invoice date. No individual parts originating from a complete system,

special orders, or final sales orders can be returned. All returns must have a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) issued

by Sonar Safety Systems. Our warehouse will not accept any un-authorized returns.

Except in the case of defective items, all eligible items must be returned in like new and re-sellable condition.

Warranty Claims:

For a RMA # to be issued the original purchase must have been made within 1 year. Customer must provide the original purchaser

account number with Sonar Safety Systems, the sale date, and the invoice number. All of this information is available on the original


Sonar Safety Systems will verify the invoice information and issue an RMA number, which must be included in the return shipping

box. Customer must be issued an RMA number by Sonar Safety Systems or the return/warranty claim will not be accepted.

When the merchandise is returned, Sonar Safety Systems will verify the RMA number and the original invoice information. Then

Sonar Safety Systems will check the returned merchandise for any defect(s).

If the product(s) is found to have any defects in manufacturing, Sonar Safety Systems will replace it at no cost or issue a full credit at

the invoiced price for the defective item(s). If a refund is requested, credit will be issued in the same manner as the method of payment

used to initially purchase the item(s). If a replacement is requested, the method of shipment will be Fed Ex Ground unless otherwise

specified by Customer. In those cases, Customer agrees to pay for the difference in freight charges if that method of shipment exceeds

the cost of Fed Ex Ground.

If the product(s) returned is found to be without defect and like new, Sonar Safety Systems has the option to send it back to Customer,

or accept it for return with a 25% re-stocking fee deducted from the credit to be issued. The credit may be applied to the account with

us or paid by check.

If the product(s) is found to be without defect(s) but not in re-sellable condition, previously installed, or found to be not working

due to mistreatment, improper handling, or poor installation we will return it to the shipper and charge for the return freight. We

will not accept these items for return or issue a credit.


Advance RMA Policy

An “Advance RMA” is when “Sonar Safety Systems” (Manufacturer/Vendor) ships out a replacement product

to the “Customer” (Purchaser) prior to receiving the defective product and testing the product for area(s) of

defect.  We want to be as responsive as possible to the needs of our customers and the additional advance RMA policy is for clients who need a replacement part on short notice.

All Advance RMA returns are subject to the same conditions and terms outlined in the “Return Policy.”


Warranty Claims:

An “Advance RMA” is subject to the same Warranty Claims outlined in the “Return Policy.” In ADDITION,

Customer upon requesting an advance RMA consents to the following conditions:

· Customer must return defective unit or parts to Sonar Safety Systems within TEN (10) days of the

issuance of the advance RMA. Failure to do so is an agreement by Customer to pay for the costs

(including freight charges) of the replacement unit or parts.

· An advance RMA will not be issued if there is an outstanding RMA meaning that Sonar Safety Systems

has not yet received items from an earlier advance RMA from the Customer.

· Advance RMAs will be shipped out using FedEx Ground with freight charges paid by Sonar Safety

Systems. If Customer requests a different method of shipping, Customer agrees to pay for the difference

in freight charges if that method exceeds the standard FedEx Ground fees.