Business Discipline

1. Always remembering our company motto of Creativity, Judgment, and Action,” we are proud of our contribution to raising the reputation and honor of the company based on each member’s trust, honesty, and hard work.

2. We have a conviction that we can contribute to the company’s successful development and eventually to the interests of public by abiding by social rules and laws as a responsible member of our society and by maximizing company profits through a reasonable, just, and ethical means.

3. We always remember that others also judge us by the way we appear and the way we organize ourselves. We continuously endeavor to increase the value of ourselves as well as the value of our products and services.

4. We always find time to reflect ourselves on what we have done and we handle our work with proactive preparation, care, and wisdom before a problem occurs.

5. We should also adhere to the followings:

a)      We give the best and maximum effort in what we do.

b)      We do not seek company profits by breaking company or social rules and regulations.

c)      We do not expect any benefit via abnormal and unethical channels.

d)      We make habitual our execution of given responsibilities by adhering to established company regulations, rules, and guidelines.