Customer Review

Ever since we started using the 'HINDSIGHT 20/20'

"We have seen a great drop in backing-up accidents, so we in our company Reliant Energy HL&P have benefitted greatly from this device. I do recommend it to anybody that has a safety concern in mind when it comes to backing up any vehicle from small truck to large heavy trucks."

Andres Montes, Schedule Planner
Reliant Energy HL&P


"No backup accidents have been reported since 1996, when we first outfitted our fleet with Hinsight 20/20. Now our drivers feel more secure when backing-up.  We recommend Hindsight 20/20 as an excellent supplement to alert drivers of possible accidents." 

Vernon Furlow, Staff Safety Representative 
Houston Lighting  & Power Company


"Backing accidents have in the past been a major contributor to our accident history. Since Installing Hindsight 20/20, we have had a major decline in these types of accidents" 

Eric Woodyard, PRD Supervisor

Tim Henrie, Fleet Safety Supervisor  



"After having Hindsight 20/20 installed, feedback from our drivers is great" 

Craig Beatty, Fleet Specialist 

"Since installing Hindsight 20/20 on our trucks, we haven't had any backup accidents.  The drivers tell us they feel safer backing the trucks up." 


David Dillbeck, Service Manager

Taylor Freezers of So Cal, Inc.