General Questions

Q: What differentiates Sonar Safety Systems/Hindsight 20-20 from the competition?

A: Each one of our sonar systems were designed for specific vehicle class designations. Each system is designed to last the life of the vehicle based on size, type of environment it will be operating in, and type of work it will be doing.

A: Our camera systems are built in similar fashion with an eye for durability and quality of picture. Our systems are designed specifically to vehicle types and working conditions.

Q: How long will it take me to install the system?

A: As a general rule of thumb the first 1 or 2 installations should take approximately 2 hours. Once the installer has the experience of installing a few it should take no more than 1 hour.

Q: I have a specific installation question.

A: From the home page, click on the products option; then click on the product in question. There you will find an installation manual link with a detailed PDF attached. If you wish to speak with someone in person, please feel free to call any one of our associates at 800/326.6949 between the hours of 7am and 4pm PST Mon-Fri.

Q: What is the ROI on my investment?

A: There are a number of factors to consider here. Lower insurance premiums are an immediate return as well as the revenue gained from having vehicles in the field and not out of service due to accidents. Finally, mitigating risk from lawsuits stemming from accidents as well as putting the safety of your drivers first is the most important thing when it comes to piece of mind for you and your fleet.

Q: How stable a company is Sonar Safety Systems and will you be around in a year if I have questions?

A: Sonar Safety Systems has been in business since 1993 and is a sister company of a billion dollar conglomerate founded in 1973.

Q: Does Sonar Safety Systems have a system for the vehicle I am looking to protect?

A: Of course, and you can be assured that the system you install was produced specifically for your class of vehicle.

Sonar Specific Questions

Q: Which detector corresponds with which side of the truck?

A: The detector marked with the purple arrow is for the left side of the truck as you face the same direction as the truck (driver side). The detector marked with the yellow arrow is for the right side (passenger side).

Q: How much vertical clearance from the ground do I need to mount the detectors?

A: A general rule of thumb is 2 feet; however, because all vehicles have different body styles you should always consult a sales associate for the specifics of your vehicle.

Q: What is the range of detection behind the vehicle?

A: Depending on the model type you choose, it will detect objects up to 10 feet behind the vehicle.

Camera Specific Questions

Q: What are the viewing angles for your camera systems?

A: For our 7” monitor systems, the viewing angles are: 45 degrees up and 65 degrees bottom/right/left. For our 5” systems, the viewing angles are: 50 degrees up and 70 degrees bottom/right/left.

Q: What is the maximum distance the camera can be from the monitor on your wireless camera system?

A: Up to 100ft away barrier free.

Q: Why is there volume on the monitors?

A: Sonar Safety Systems cameras have microphones built-in, so the driver can hear the spotter or anyone behind the vehicle when backing up.

Q: Can the systems be connected to 24VDC?

A: Yes, Sonar Safety Systems are 12VDC to 32VDC because they are used worldwide.

Q: Does the system work at night?

A: Yes, all systems work great at night. The back-up lights are all that is needed to give you a clear, sharp picture of what is behind your vehicle.