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Representing the pinnacle of fleet safety solutions, the HCS-700 integrated system provides both the value of camera systems and rear obstacle detection systems bundled conveniently into one system. 

When a rear obstacle is within 9 feet of the vehicle, a loud Audible alert warns the driver. The driver is then able to check the monitor and receive a Visual confirmation of the object as well obtain the obstacle's distance within the Detection Zone. By simultaneously utilizing the technologies of visual camera systems and audible sonar systems, you will ensure your drivers have the most Comprehensive Back-Up Safety device available.


7” WIDE TFT LCD Monitor
3 Channel camera input
2 Channel sonar input (for rear detection)
6 Step Detection Distance Indication
1/3CCD Camera
Built in microphone
Auto iris
IR illumination
Mirror Feature
Built in speaker
Adjustable speaker volume
Day night sensor
Normal on screen with switch
Mute Feature and Auto Reset Volume
Reverse activates the SONAR & CAMERA SYSTEM
Select s/w illumination when ACC ON
SONAR and CAMERA Self Diagnosis 
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