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Utilizing our patented sonar sensor, this system sets the standard in fleet safety technology for Class 1 and 2 vehicles. Multiple modes of installation are available to fit the needs of most pick-ups, SUVs, minivans, and vans. The unit’s rugged design ensures top performance and durability in even the most adverse weather or road conditions.


- Ultrasonic transceiver detector - mounted on exterior rear of vehicle

- Heavy-duty steel & rubber mounting brackets - mounted on exterior rear of vehicle

- Shielded coaxial cabling - mounted on exterior and under-carriage of vehicl

- Combination Control & Display box - mounted as an in cab control, readily accessible by driver

- Error diagnostic system 

- 3 ultrasonic detection zones 

- Audio & Visual driver warning

- Solid state components 

- Patented microprocess 

- Easy to install