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Our most popular and flagship series utilizes dual sensors to offer a comprehensive detection zone for even the widest of trucks. LED display provides your drivers information about the precise distance of rear obstacles and left or right side location. Recommended for Class 3 vehicles and above. We offer a wide variety of customizations to fit any type of truck (ask about our HS-300N, HS-300P, HS-300U, and HS-345 model types).


Please see our recent presentation of the HS-300N from the 2011 NTEA SHOW.


- Ultrasonic transceiver detector - mounted on exterior rear of vehicle

- Heavy-duty steel & rubber mounting brackets - mounted on exterior rear of vehicle

- Shielded coaxial cabling - mounted on exterior and under-carriage of vehicle

- Combination Control & Display box - mounted as an in cab control, readily accessible by driver

- Safe backing even at night and under adverse weather conditions 

- Allows the driver to keep a safe distance from rear obstacles during parking 

- Facilitates safer backing into limited space enhancing the driver's field of view 

- Heavy duty waterproof external components